The Smile Makeover Process: Part Two

You’ve finished your first smile makeover appointment, complete with impressions, photographs and a wax-up. You’re well on your way to getting the smile you’ve always wanted! So, what’s next?

At the second appointment:

The teeth are prepared for the final restoration process. Once the teeth are prepared, temporaries are made from the diagnostic wax-up. This serves as a template for the final restoration and allows the patient to make necessary aesthetic changes. New impressions of the temporaries are made, and photographs are taken so the master ceramist knows exactly what shade of porcelain to use so the most realistic outcome is achieved. When the patient leaves, the custom-made temporaries are bonded into place. Depending on the number of teeth involved, this appointment could take a few hours (four or fewer teeth), four hours (six teeth) or as long as a full day. I only schedule patients for a full day if they’re reconstructing 12 teeth or more.

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At the third appointment:

At this appointment, the final restorations are bonded onto the teeth permanently. Once the temporaries are removed, the teeth are cleaned, and the restorations are placed in the patient’s mouth to verify the accuracy of the fit. The patient then looks at their teeth and smile with the restorations in place. Once the patient approves the aesthetics, the restorations are bonded into place permanently. All residual cement is cleaned up from the teeth and gums. The patient typically returns a week or two later for after photos and to clean up any small pieces of residual cement that might have been left behind. We wait on photos due to minor inflammation caused by the placement process. The occlusion (bite) is also checked again and corrected, if necessary, since patients are typically numb on the day the restorations are placed.

Dentist, Teeth, smile, patient, smile makeover, botox

You might be wondering: How do I know if I am a candidate for a smile makeover?

Smile makeover candidates can be anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of their smile and wishes to restore optimal health to their mouth. Whether you have one minor imperfection or a list of issues to address, I can work with you to find an aesthetically pleasing solution so you can achieve the smile of your dreams. To schedule a consultation with me or learn more about your options, call 251-344-4571.